Optimism is the best-ism


For the Year

  • Finish ten non-fiction books
  • Complete two hardware projects
  • Create a static site generator that pulls from a flat file database


  • Write a blog post about a topic


  • Ride a bike over 10KM
  • Write an summery of events in my journal


2019 list


I failed a few of these goals. I'll get the negatives out of the way first.

The Bad

I haven't completed a single project this year. Mainly because I had to move house suddenly partway through the year which messed up my rhythm for the rest of it. This is also why I failed to work on a project most weeks for the weekly goal. In retrospect completing eight projects I didn't have outlines for at the start of the year was untenable. I'll reduce that for next year and work my way up.

Writing in my journal was a daily thing that started in Sept 2018 and I kept it up for over one hundred days. After that streak I felt burnt out and since then I have written...nine entries. Not even weekly, most of them are months apart and have half remembered information in them. Next year I would like to go back to writing daily or at least weekly.

The Good

I have reduced my meat intake significantly this year, until this year nine out of ten meals I ate contained meat, now it's more like one in ten. My diet has improved a lot because I'm thinking about what I'm eating now.

I 'read' 30 books this year. Most of them were audio books and science fiction which I will mix up with more non-fiction in 2020.

I've hit my exercise goal of thirty minutes on average two times a week this year which I'm proud of. Next year I'd like to do more cycling.

2019 List

For the year

  • Finish thirty books
  • Reduce the amount of times I eat meat in a week to three
  • Complete eight projects to a satisfactory level


  • Write a summary in my Journal


  • Hit my Exercise goal at least 3 times
  • Work on a project