Furry Friends ~ Old and New



Female Marbled Bengal/British Long Hair Cat | June 2022

Super floofy! She is very relaxed and naps alot, she is also pretty shy. When she is comfortable she will come and sit by you and allow you to stroke her. Her purring and meows are very quiet.


Male Marbled Bengal/British Long Hair Cat | June 2022

A mischief maker. He enjoys climbing everything he can get his claws into and meowing for attention. His purring can be heard from rooms away.



Male White Dwarf Hamster | October 20th 2020 - July 28th 2022

Just after I moved into a new house with my mum I decided to get a fuzzy friend of my own, Chloe was mums dog through and through even though I was the one who always walked her. We didn't want to stress Chloe out by getting another dog or a cat so it had to be something that I could keep in my room and that didn't take up a lot of space. I went to a pet store here in the UK called Pets at Home and looked at the small rodents. I've always found them to be extremely cute. I was initially looking at the gerbils but then Ghost popped up from under the bedding in the hutch next door and came up to the glass to see what was going on. Needless to say he won me over instantly and I took him home that same day.

He was my little hammy buddy. When I came home from work, even in the daytime, he would hear my car and wake up then wait on the second level of his house until I picked him up and gave him some cuddles. He was very fond of licking fingers even when they have no food or odd smells. If you put your hand into his house and presented a finger he would try to drag it away and store it in one of his hiding spots. He would happily do laps of the living room and hallway in his ball and he adored sunflower hearts, if you held out a small handful he wouldn't stop stuffing his cheeks until they are all gone. He passed away of old age peacefully having spent his last night in his favorite place, his wheel.


Female Parson Russell | June 3rd 2010 - October 3rd 2021

We got Chloe while I was still in secondary school as a puppy, from the start she was a yapper. A car driving by outside, the wind, it all set her grring and barking. We always knew when the post had been delivered or when someone was at the door. Whenever she wanted to go for a walk she would sit next to you and stare until you stood up at which point she would spin around in circles excitedly. If it was cold she would hop up on the sofa or a persons bed and snuggle down to sleep. She always stretched out eventually though and took up most of the space on the furniture she had claimed. I remember many nights where I would wake up on the edge of my bed because Chloe had taken up all the space next to the pillows. As a puppy she would gnaw on everything, all of the dining room chairs had tooth marks on all of their legs and the cross bars as well.

When she was around six years old she started to have issues with her pancreas which caused her to stop eating, a change in diet and some special food solved that issue but eventually at the age of 10 years and 3 months exactly she was too ill to carry on and passed away.

Luna & Willow

Female Mongolian Gerbils | February 22nd 2021 - July 7th 2022

They are happy and healthy but have been returned to their original owner, my sister as she is able to care for them again. It was a lot of fun watching their antics whenever they were out in the living room run. The had many schemes to try and escape including using each other as a ladder, jumping off the toys in the middle, climbing the metal fencing very slowly and attempting to run up the arms of people who reached in to give them sunflower hearts. It didn't work once but they tried anyway.