A Personal Epoch
  • 1 Year • 10 months
  • 1 Month • 4 weeks
  • 1 Week • 10 days
  • 1 Day • 1 turn of the planet


The main purpose of this system is be to provide a framework for planning and tracking of interest in working on projects. It's designed to work around way I live and want to spend my time.

Defining personal time

A personal epoch starts on the day of birth. The symbol ⊙ or, on systems where the symbol won't render, the string {slf} is used as a prefix to the day total as well as the date.

Personal time is subjective but for consistancy a day is judged as one turn of the planet with the date line running along the prime meridian.

Calculating the date mathamatically

To find the current date for an epoch simply use the following equation: ⊙Days / 400.

The resulting decimal, when read left to right will display the current year and the month which is the first decimal place plus one. The last three digits can be diveded by 25 to show the current day within the month.


⊙8727/400 = 21.8175


Year 21 • Month 9 • Day 7