Creating a space for myself

I've been at my new house almost two years now and while I have my own space again after several years not being able to fully unpack, it is only one room. My hobbies such as books, video games and building electronics couldn't all occupy the same space without getting in the way of each other.

So I decided to change that. I built a room for myself in the garage.

The plan was simple, frame up 4 walls while leaving space for the gas meter and pipe should they need to be serviced or replaced. I measured up the area and bought the timber, OSB for the floor and ceiling, insulation and vapor barrier, then I set to work.

I'd never built a structure before so I used tutorials on Youtube to learn how to do studwork, electrical wiring, plasterboard and how to frame and hang a door. It took just over a month of working on my weekends and occasionally after work but the final result can be seen below in the before and after pictures.

Starting out with the floorFraming and vapor barrier on the ceilingPlasterboard is very dusty when sawedPainted the walls and put down carpet tilesWorktops are in and ready for things to be put on them

I have a place that isn't my room to go and work on my hobbies, store my things and get away from it all. After several years I finally feel like I'm home again.